e-Way Bill Report

The e-Way Bill report is a one-stop shop for your needs eWay Bill n TallyPrime. You can also open the the e-Way Bill portal directly from the report, if required, by pressing Alt+V (Open EWB Portal).

** Steps :

Gateway of Tally > Display More Reports > GST Reports > eWay Bill, and press Enter. Alternatively, Alt+G (Go To) > type or select e-Way Bill, and press Enter.

**Generate e-Way Bill in Bulk : 

Eway Bill in Tally Prime by Synergy Soft Solutions

If you do not want to generate the eWay Bill in Tally Prime while recording the transaction, then you can do it later from the Exchange menu. You can select one or more transactions and generate the respective e-Way Bill number for your vouchers.

1) Press Alt+Z > Send for e-Way Bill. The Send for e-Way Bill screen appears. You can view the transactions that are pending for generation and cancellation.

2) Select the required transactions and press S (Send) to send the details.

3) Press Enter to continue.

4) Specify the eWay Bill Login details and press Enter to continue Note : TallyPrime will start exchanging information with the e-Way Bill system. After the exchange of information, a confirmation message will appear.


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