Export Digitally Signed Documents

If you want to Export a digitally signed voucher or report, from the voucher or report:

A. Press Ctrl+E (Export). The Export Settings screen appears with digital signature configured.

B. Press Ctrl+A to save and proceed. You can change the digital signature, if you have a different dongle for which digital signature is not configured in TallyPrime.

C. Press E (Send).

Export Digitally Signed Documents by Synergy Soft Solutions

D. Press Y (Yes) to add digital signature in the transaction/report, if you have set Ask before signing to Yes. If you press N (No), then the PDF will get exported without the digital signature.

E. Enter the User PIN provided by the Certifying Authority and click OK.

Once you enter User PIN, you will not need to enter it again until you close TallyPrime or remove the digital signature dongle from your system.

** Sample PDF documents with the Digital Signature.

 Digitally Signed Documents by Synergy Soft Solutions


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