Add Digital Signature in Tally Prime in PDF Documents 

Tally Prime 2.1 supports dongle-based digital signatures.

You can now seamlessly sign documents such as vouchers and reports while:

1) Exporting documents as PDF.

2) E-mailing PDF documents.

3) Saving documents as PDF while printing.

Furthermore, you can add digital signature in a multi-voucher report, while ensuring that all the vouchers are digitally signed. With a digital signature, you can ensure authenticity and integrity and avoid impersonation and tampering of the PDF documents you share with your stakeholders, customers, auditors, and chartered accountants.

Refer to the Digital Signature in Tally Prime 2.1 topic to know more.

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What’s more!

You can also print, export, or e-mail multi-voucher reports for a specific party and period.

Refer to Multi-Voucher/Invoice for a selected party to know more.

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